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A growing population of refugees is in transition countries where they have no right to work, and their children have no access to education, and almost no prospects for relocation for the next 20 years. The refugees themselves set up schools (called learning centers) where the staff and teachers, who are refugees themselves, volunteer their time. With whatever little funding they can get, these volunteer teachers get paid a “travel allowance” as low as US$ 7 per month. This means that they have to be out-of-pocket whilst working as volunteers. This is clearly not sustainable.

With a monthly support of only US$ 38 per month, these volunteers will be able to cover their travel expenses and perhaps buy themselves a good meal every day that they have to work. Your adopted teacher will give you a monthly update of what she/he has been doing, and talk about one of her/his students. In addition, this adopted teacher will be able to tutor your children online for an hour a week.

Who We Are

Genashtim is a social-impact organization with significant international recognition from the likes of UNESCAP, The Nippon Foundation, The Peace Foundation, the Asia-Pacific Development Center for Disability, the Essl Foundation, and others. After being certified as a BCorp in 2015, Genashtim has won “Best for the World” among BCorps in consecutively in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
The 100% of what you pay will go to the teachers after banking charges. Genashtim will take nothing for administrative or handling charges.

Message from Thomas
Genashtim Founder

Refugee Students In Centers

Teachers For Adoption

Volunteer Staff - RLC

Ramazan Ali Hussaini

Volunteer Staff - RLN

Volunteer Staff - HELP

English Volunteer Teacher - HLC

English Volunteer Teacher - RLC

Math Volunteer Teacher - HLC

Computer Volunteer Teacher - RLN

Volunteer Staff - RLC

Ghulam Hussein Rasoli

Volunteer Staff - RLC

Art Volunteer Teacher - RLN

Math Volunteer Teacher - RLC

Sport Volunteer Teacher - RLN

Geography Volunteer Teacher - RLC

English Volunteer Teacher - RLC

English Volunteer Teacher - RLN

Volunteer Teacher & Principal of HLC

Math Volunteer Teacher - RLC

Volunteer Staff - HLC

Principal of RLC

Art Volunteer Teacher - HLC

English Volunteer Teacher - RLN

Science Volunteer Teacher - RLC

Math Volunteer Teacher - RLC

Science Volunteer Teacher - RLC

English Volunteer Teacher - RLN

English Volunteer Teacher - RLN

Math Volunteer Teacher - RLC

Physics Volunteer Teacher - HLC

Volunteer Teacher - HLC

English Volunteer Teacher - RLN


Math Volunteer Teacher - RLN

English Teacher (RLC) ADOPTED

Physics Teacher - RLN - ADOPTED

Computer Teacher - RLN - ADOPTED

English Teacher (RLC) ADOPTED

Math Teacher (RLC) ADOPTED

English Volunteer Teacher - RLN

English Volunteer Teacher - RLC

Math Teacher (RLN) ADOPTED

Science Teacher(RLC) ADOPTED

English Teacher (RLC) ADOPTED

History Volunteer Teacher - RLN

Math Volunteer Teacher - HLC

English Teacher - RLC - ADOPTED

Volunteer staff - RLC - ADOPTED

English Teacher (RLN) ADOPTED

Refugee Learning Centers

Refugee Learning Nest(RLN)

The Refugee Learning Nest (the Nest) was established in March 2015 by seven members of the refugee community in Indonesia and with the support of Same Skies. The aim of the project is to improve the welfare of the refugee community through provision of various activities and informal learning. It is based on volunteer engagement and community involvement. READ MORE

Refugee Learning Center(RLC)


In 2015, four refugees living in Indonesia gathered members of the local refugee community to share their plan to establish a learning center to provide education to refugee children in the area. The refugee community was very excited so together the community joined hands and we set up the Refugee Learning Center in September. READ MORE

Hope Learning Center(HLC)

HLC (Hope Learning Center) is a Non-profit organisation which is providing basic education for refugees children. hey would learn only subjects in which they are interested and ignore the other subjects which are thought to be difficult, though it's very important to know the level of the students, We have distributed our result papers at HLC recently... READ MORE