It is hardly conceivable that business writing skills can be acquired by just attending a couple of days' seminar. The EPiC Online Business Writing Program combines the following:
  1. High Impact Business Writing course from University of California, delivered online, so that you can easily fit this around your busy work and personal schedule. Includes four modules:
    1. Introduction to Business Writing
    2. Spelling, Grammar, Sentence and Paragraphs
    3. Document Types and their Considerations
    4. Finalising Formal Document, Informal Written Communication and Social Media
      1. Each Module will have videos, readings and quizzes; including content from Harvard Business Review.
      2. All content is downloadable
      3. About 8 hours of work, spread over 2 weeks at your convenience.
      4. Certificate issued by University of California
  2. Criterion Writing Software from ETS (USA) to help you plan, write and revise your business correspondence, guided by instant diagnostic feedback.
    1. Orientation – video and discussion board.
    2. Do 2 assignments (200 and 500 word essays), and get feedback from our EPiC Online Coaches
    3. To complete over one week.
  1. On-going support – for one year from commencement of EBW.
    1. Use Criterion as an on-demand tool to help with your writing needs on the job.
    2. Given 20 credits for support.
      1. 1 credit for EPiC Online Coaches to evaluate and advise on Criterion essay offline (24 hour turn-around)
      2. 2 credits for live coaching by our EPiC Online Coaches on Criterion essay – book with 3 hours' notice.
  2. Price
    1. High Impact Business Writing Certificate from University of California
    2. Criterion licence for 12 months
    3. First 2 Criterion essay assessment and feedback
    4. Mentoring by EPiC Online Coaches
    5. 20 credits for individual feedback valid for one year from start of EBW
    6. HRDF claimable