About Speaky Online

People with speech disabilities will never be able to get enough help for their development because:

— There are waitlists of weeks, to years, for speech therapy sessions in most developed countries
— You might live in locations which are distant from speech pathologists and speech clinics
— Speech pathology sessions in developed countries can cost up to US$ 150 per hour or more

Speaky Online uses the latest technology on the internet to deliver “live” regular and cost effective speaky Online to anyone with broadband access.

Speaky Online sessions do not aim to replace speech therapy sessions, but to supplement them, reinforce activities from the speech pathologist and as another platform for the student to practice in a comfortable environment. Ideally Speaky Online should be working hand in hand with your speech pathologist, and if you currently do not have a certified speech pathologist you are working with, we can also help you look for a certified speech pathologist to work with you.

Speaky Online sessions will be conducted on the internet, in the comfort of your home. Each session will be for 45 minutes with an experienced online language coach, holding either a medical or psychology degree, trained specifically for telepractice.

Speaky Online sessions are 45-minutes long, using Skype, one of the most widely used VOIP software, and commonly used by many practising Tele-therapists.

With voice and video capabilities, Skype allows the student and Speaky Online speech coaches see each other and communicate with both verbal and visual cues.

"Skype has transformed the way I deliver speech therapy to my clients. My private practice is no longer limited to a 50 KM radius around where I live but rather by how far the Internet can reach. I now am able to serve clients all over the world in countries such as Dubai, Cameroon, Australia, England, Ireland and of course Canada." - Marcus Little, Speech Pathologist - http://www.thespeechpathway.com/