Supporting Research

Recent research in the US and Australia, indicates that telepractice is effective, not only for speech pathology delivery, but also for assessments. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) strongly supports telepractice for speech pathology delivery.

Listed are below are some supporting studies and articles.

Telerehabilitation for service delivery in speech-language pathology
Deborah G Theodoros
Published in journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

"As consultations mainly involve audio-visual interactions between the client and the clinician, the process lends itself to telemedicine."

"Winters and Winters suggested that telerehabilitation has the potential to optimize the timing, intensity and sequencing of interventions that are likely to proced the greatest functional outcome for the patient."

"Substantial improvements in communication in the children were noted by parents and clinicians following a course of teletherapy."

Telepractice in the assessment and treatment of individuals with autism spectrum disorders: A systematic review.
A Research Review Published in Developmental Neurorehabilitation
Michelle Boisvert, Russell Lang, Mary Andrianopoulos, Mary Lynn Boscardin

ABSTRACT: Studies involving the use of telepractice in the delivery of services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) were reviewed with the intent to inform practice and identify areas for future research.

CONCLUSIONS: Results suggests telepractice is a promising service delivery approach in the treatment of individuals with ASD that warrants additional research. Guidelines for practitioners and potential directions for future research are discussed.

"Seven of the eight reviewed studies reported successful implementation and positive outcomes of services delivered via telepractice"

Internet-Based Telehealth Assessment of Language Using the CELF-4 Published in Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools.
Monique C. Waite, Deborah G. Theodoros, Trevor G. Russell, Louise M. Cahill
October 2011

"The current study revealed no significant difference in the scores on the CELF-4 core language subtests obtained by an online and an FTF SLP."

A Web-Based Tutorial for Parents of Young Children with Autism: Resuls from a Pilot Study
Study published in Telemedicine and e-Health
Kenneth A. Kobak, Wendy L. Stone, Elizabeth Wallace, Zachary Warren, Amy Swanson, Kraig Robson
December 2011

"One powerful way to increase the availability of this program is through the use of Web-based techonlogies. In addition to enabling wider access and dissemination, the Web affords interactive and multimedia learning, which when copled with principles of learning and instructional design has been shown to increase compliance and knowledge retention"

"An effective Web-based tutorial will help address the significant gap between the large unfulfilled need for effective intervention services and their availability."

Using Telepractice in Parent Training in Early Autism
Eva Baharav, Carly Reiser
Case Study published in Telemedicine and e-Health Journal
July/August 2010

"They [the parents] both agreed that service delivered via telepractice at home are as valuable as sessions directly delivered by the clinician..."

Home-based speech treatment for Parkinson's disease delivered remotely: a case report
Gabriella A Constantinescu, Deborah G Theodoros, Trevor G Russell, Elizabeth C Ward, Stephen J Wilson, Richard Wootton
Published in journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

"Mr B reported that he would prefer online sessions to face-to-face for the future management of his condition."

A pilot study of online assessment of childhood speech disorders
Monique C Waite, Louise M Cahill, Deborah G Theodoros, Sarah Busuttin, Trevor G Russell
Published in journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

"Telehealth has been demonstrated as a potential alternative method of providing speech pathology services to children in rural and remote areas."

Telemedicine and the diagnosis of speech and language disorders.
Published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 72(12):1116-1122
J R Duffy, G W Werven and A E Aronson.
December 1997

In 1997, the Mayo Clinic concluded that “Telemedicine evaluations can be reliable, beneficial, and acceptable to patients with a variety of acquired speech and language disorders, both in rural settings and within large multidisciplinary medical settings.”

User Satisfaction with Home Telecare Based on Broadband Communication
A Study Published in Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare
S. Guillen, M.T. Arredondo, V. Traver, M.A. Valero, S. Martin, A. Traganitis, E. Mantzourani, A. Totter, K. Karefilaki, A. Paramythis, C. Stephanidis, and S. Robinson
Telepractice in Schools Helps Address Personnel Shortages
An Article Published in The ASHA Leader
Carol Polovoy
July 15, 2008