Laurel Gaylor

It is with much pleasure that I recommend the services of Genashtim.

The UN-mandated University for Peace has been working with Genashtim since February 2014, in order to address special language needs that we have in one of our most important programmes, the Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship, funded by The Nippon Foundation (Japan). Specifically, Genashtim’s EPiC Online English Language coaching program has been utilized to both improve the English level of our applicants so that they are able to meet the minimum level required to qualify for the scholarship, and to provide additional training for accepted students who either have weaker English levels, or who are late to join our scholarship programme. The University for Peace has been very pleased with the performance of Genashtim, which has also been confirmed by the students and applicants who have participated in the online training.

Given our positive experience with Genashtim with their EPiC Online English Language coaching, we contracted them to develop an innovative platform and implement an English language placement test for applicants, conducted entirely online. There were many considerations that needed to be addressed in order to ensure the integrity of the test, and Genashtim carefully put controls in place that addressed possible problem areas.

The University for Peace has been very pleased by the professionalism of Genashtim and its employees and have every intention to continue our collaboration with them.

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