Dr. Suma Parahakaran

“When Genashtim offered to pilot their innovative learning initiative at our school, we chose students that we had the most difficulty with in class. These students, aged 11, struggled to pay attention in class. Even at the first session, we could see a transformation of these students. Eventually, the students enjoyed the sessions so much that it became an effort to tell them that the session was over and that they have to leave. We were surprised and delighted at this in spite of the fact that these sessions where run after normal school hours, and the students had to stay back for them.

Perhaps it was the novelty of using the PCs, or it could be the fun, but relevant online content. It is probably a combination of these plus the engaging tutors from Malaysia and abroad who interacted with the students live online.

This was also very easy to set up, with the Genashtim technicians remotely taking over the PCs in our computer lab, and preparing them for running the various technology platforms necessary for the session.

eLearning has benefits such as accessibility, creativity, dynamic interaction, time efficiency and excitement and we thank Genashtim to have offered them to our students at SRSS!”

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