Cara Jia

“I have been attending EPiC Online sessions for more than a term and my personal English skills have been improved greatly. During each session, my coaches provided me detailed corrections and explanations on my assignments and practices, and also customised study plans and suggestions for me. All kinds of sweet and detailed session arrangements gave me enjoyable experiences of learning English at my convenience.

Moreover, The EPiC Online coaches has been helping me to know more about IELTS exam and be more familiar with all kinds of question patterns. The special exercise of each session was a mock test of real IELTS exam which totally follows the IELTS requests. After completing each exercise, the coach would give me explanations and suggestions of correction on the mistakes I made. The coaches can even point out every little grammar mistakes carefully in the “speaking” and “writing” practices, and also show me the more proper way of expressing [thoughts]. My English level improves through these detailed corrections. I highly appreciate EPiC Online for providing me such a wonderful study platform, since I was able to have opportunities to get useful instructions from all of my coaches.”

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