Andy Xiu

“EPiC Online is a wonderful English training programme which impresseses me. All of my coaches are always trying their best to use proper expressions agreed with my English level and meet my requirements as possible as they could when we were having sessions. They were so careful and patient in explaining the questions that I didn’t understand until I got them totally. They’re responsible and attach great importance to if I mastered what I had learnt. They helped me review the contents learnt in the previous session at the beginning of each session and this made me understand and memorise better. Moreover, they often encourage me not to lose my confidence when I am in a bad condition in the sessions. I am so grateful for each of my excellent coaches. I gave them high ratings in the coach evaluation form every time, since I really learnt a lot from them. Although my English is not as not good as I expected at the moment, I still feel I have made progress on my listening skills, vocabularies, oral expressions and so on since the start of my learning that was about 2 months ago. I didn’t dare to talk with my foreign teachers at school directly before because of my problem in listening skills. However, I am more confident now, since I feel my listening skills are better than before. I am in hopes of keeping in touch with my coaches for a long time if it is possible, since I believe they can help me improve my English skills continuously and I would like them to watch on my progress. Finally, I wish more people who want to learn English but are having a hard time speaking it can get help from EPiC Online, just as I did. I also wish Genashtim will have a better future in its continuous development!”

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