Carmela Vicente

“The things I like about Mandarin eSpeak are the easy scheduling system and 7 days availability. What has impressed me most about this programme when taking the sessions are the skills of the coaches and that they are mostly differently-abled individuals (PWD).

After attending Mandarin eSpeak, my Chinese has obviously improved in pronunciation and grammar, and with the little amount of sessions, I think I have reached a level of confidence that I am happy with.

I like the teaching style because the coaches adjust to one’s needs and it’s not too structured that my questions are answered and I learn what I want to learn at the moment of the session. Even though I had different coaches each session, I still feel like my sessions had a sense of continuity to them. Regarding the content used in Mandarin eSpeak, I trust that the sequence is the way it is to help me progress in my skills.

I definitely feel that Mandarin eSpeak is a high quality product for Chinese language proficiency and I have already spoken about it to others!”

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