Hoh Yoon Pok

“What I like about Mandarin eSpeak is its convenience as it allows me to plan my time for sessions independently. Also, I get to learn from actual coaches that speak the language in its original tone and accent. What has impressed me most about Mandarin eSpeak when taking the sessions is the professionalism of how the sessions are conducted.

After attending this programme, my Chinese has obviously improved, especially in the areas of listening, speaking and pronunciation. I feel more confident speaking Chinese and I am able to understand and be understood more while talking with others in Chinese.

By practicing Chinese with different coaches, I can now understand the style of speaking from people of different parts of China. The content used in Mandarin eSpeak is useful to learn Chinese with, as it is sometimes relevant to my job as well. Mandarin eSpeak is a high quality product for Chinese language proficiency and I would recommend it to others.”

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