Grace Advincula

“What I like about Mandarin eSpeak is that they provide me with an environment where I can learn Chinese in a comprehensive and accurate manner.

In my case, I am a beginner student and I tend to be overwhelmed by my lack of confidence in speaking Chinese. However, the coaches in Mandarin eSpeak were very patient with me. They somehow boosted my confidence in speaking Chinese. They were very comprehensible in a way that they created structures for me where I can follow through step by step. This is what has impressed me most about Mandarin eSpeak when taking the sessions.

After taking the sessions, I’ve noticed only later that my Chinese was improving when I tried to listen to audios in Chinese and surprisingly, I was able to understand almost all of what I listened to. Though speaking may still be a little bit difficult but when somebody is talking to me using the words I’ve learned, I am able to understand what the person is trying to say. So, I’ve probably improved in my listening and pronunciation areas.

Right after each session, I feel more motivated to speak the language. The coaches give me feedback on how I could improve my Chinese language more and where I should concentrate on when I’m practising.

I have noticed that each coach has their own teaching style. However, I do not find their teaching styles confusing. They can deliver their sessions clearly and well-organised.

I feel practising Chinese with different coaches helps to be exposed to different accents and nuances in language. At first, I was trying to figure out how I can concentrate on only one coach, but when I started having sessions with different coaches, I found it even more interesting!

Organised lessons are observable. We continue from the last portion discussed during the last session and we are able to continue on the next topic.

The content I am currently taking is a customised content wherein I can practise writing my own sentences through a diary and have the coaches check my composition and then thereafter, we can continue on the lesson. I find the contents very helpful because they are complete in a sense that, there are pronunciation exercises, vocabulary exercises, and dialogues. I find it very convenient as I can request for a particular topic to discuss.

I feel that Mandarin eSpeak is a high quality product for Chinese language proficiency. I think the coaches have had enough experience to teach beginners like me. They never made it difficult for me to study the language. If time allows me to recommend this sort of program, I would and because it makes me feel proud to be a student here.”

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