Preethika Nair

“Mandarin eSpeak has helped me understand and converse in Mandarin much better than my school. What has impressed me most about Mandarin eSpeak are the coaches as they are patient and very understanding.

After attending Mandarin eSpeak, I think that my listening, speaking, pronunciation and reading have improved, as has my grammar. I now know how to ask questions in Mandarin. In addition, I am able to understand more while talking with others in Chinese.

I think the Mandarin eSpeak coaches’ teaching style is great.

Talking to different coaches helped me understand the different slangs and accents people have when speaking Chinese. The content used in Mandarin eSpeak is useful to learn Chinese with, since most of it is what I need to cover in my school syllabus.

I would definitely recommend this programme to others because it has helped me and I am sure it will help others.”

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