NK Tong

“I have been meaning to learn spoken conversational Mandarin for years. With Mandarin eSpeak, I can finally find the time to do it! The flexibility to schedule my lessons at short notice, the ease of doing it from my home computer, and the professionalism of the various teachers language coaches give me plenty of flexibility, options and learning experiences. The curriculum is well thought out, and each teacher coach has exhibited the flexibility to work at my learning pace and ability.

It was only after doing a few sessions each with a few of the coaches that I was told that they are blind. I might have suspected Danny, as he was wearing sunglasses all the time. But the way he handled the content, and communicated with me through the chat box, I thought he must be able to see. With Anita, however, until today I cannot believe that she is totally blind. They do their job so seamlessly and well.”

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